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We are essentially a training and consultancy organisation in the areas of Food Safety, Nutrition, Health and Safety and mandatory care courses. Our expertise comes from indepth academic education and several years of industry experience. We therefore bring practical industry based solutions to training and setting up management systems.Training is delivered by, competent, skilled enthusiastic professionals who make training enjoyable and a fun experience. They possess several years of industry based experience and the personal attributes of being confident, engaging and always aiming to meet the needs of the individual and the business they are engaged in Consultancy Services We are not just a training organisation, we are also in the business of working with you into setting up and implementing practical management systems that assists you in managing food safety, health and safety so you can comply with best practices and legal requirements to give you that confidence and peace of mind that your practices don’t compromise acceptable standards. So whether it is setting up a food safety management system such as HACCP or looking at setting up appropriate control measures for your Health and Safety through thorough risk assessments we are always hand to offer the expertise required to meet your needs. The training we offer compliments these systems so that you can maintain the set up systems on an on going basis

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We are about training and consultancy, we provide experienced professionals to help develop your peoples skills and ensure you have the competences that deliver your business objectives and vision.

Our training delivery is focused on you getting the knowledge that can result in creating the confidence you need to do your job. We also focus on changing your attitude to ensure you are using the knowledge you have acquired consistently. We encourage sharing experiences because experiences create mind pictures and mind catalysts promote intake and acceptance of new beneficial concepts.

Training is delivered by trainers with impeccable academic qualifications with practical industry experience where they have held management roles so they deliver training that covers the technical aspects as well as the application of tat knowledge in industry. These are people that have developed training materials that as been assessed as meeting industry and academic standards in vocational settings.

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