Course NameCourse DatesAwarding BodyVenuePriceEnquire    
Level 4 Managing Food SafetyHABC, RSPHPark Royal, London£699 Inclusive of ExamsEnquire
Level 3 Supervising Food SafetyHABC, CIEH, RSPHPark Royal, London£350Enquire
Level 2 Food SafetyHABC, CIEH, RSPHDartford£75Enquire
Level 4 NutritionRSPHPark Royal, London£500 + £275 for 2nd Unit
for Level 4 award in Nutrition for Physical Activity and sport or Institutional catering
Level 3 Nutrition RSPHPark Royal, London£450Enquire
Level 2 NutritionRSPHDartford£125Enquire
Level 4 Managing Health and SafetyHABCPark Royal, London£550 + Exam feeEnquire
Level 3 Supervising Health and Safety
HABCPark Royal, London£350Enquire
Level 1 Health and Safety for construction IndustryRSPHPark Royal, London£95Enquire
Level 4 HACCP
RSPHPark Royal, London£725Enquire
Level 3 HACCPHABC, CIEH, RSPHPark Royal, London£350Enquire
Level 2 HACCPRSPH, HABCDartford£85Enquire
Level 3 Auditing & Inspection Skills HABCPark Royal, London£150Enquire
Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH)HABCPark Royal, London£125Enquire
Level 4 in Nutrition for Sport and Physical ActivitiesRSPHPark Royal£725