An advanced food safety course focussing on the management aspects of food safety systems.

Course Summary

A 5-day course leading to the RSPH Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety and Hygiene.
An intensive course designed to provide managers in the food and drink industry with detailed and up-to-date information on food safety theory and practice.

Entry Requirements

It is highly recommended that candidates complete the Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety & Hygiene (or equivalent), or can demonstrate considerable industry experience before embarking on this advanced level course.

Pre Course Assignment and Homework

Prior to the course you will be given access to our online Food Safety Supervision course which will act as a useful refresher. Homework may also be required during the course.

Course Structure & Content
Day 1: Introduction; Your Role in Food Safety Management; Food Hazards – Biological, Chemical, Physical and Allergenic
Day 2: Contamination, Cross Contamination and Controls; The Management of Cleaning and Disinfection; The Manager’s Role in Training
Day 3: Food Storage and Temperature Control; Food Preservation; Management of Personal Hygiene; Design & Use of Food Premises and Equipment
Day 4: Food Safety Legislation; The Manager’s Role in Food Complaints; Investigation of Food Poisoning; Pest Management
Day 5: Food Safety Management Systems; Food Safety Standards; Examination and Controlled Assignment Preparation

The examination consists of two papers, taken approximately two weeks after the course.

  • Paper one consists of twenty short answer questions to be answered in 2 hours,
  • Paper two consists of controlled assignments to be completed in two hours. The assignments may be viewed prior to the examination. Candidates can opt to answer questions relating either to catering or manufacturing
  • All questions on both of the papers must be answered.
Course fee


Your course fee includes:
  • Textbook:  ‘Hygiene for Management’
  • RSPH examination fee and certificate